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Influencer/Brand Ambassador

Role Overview

We are looking for a passionate, energetic and fun person to join the SIRIN team as our Brand Ambassador. You will be responsible for promoting the brand and development in leading our member campaigns and initiatives across all channels to enhance and generate new ways of engagement with local community.

Job Description

  • 1 to 2 hours per week (flexible but need to be reasonable times for engagement)
  • 1 post per week alongside a story on your social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and/or Tiktok)
  • Must have a dedicated SIRIN highlight on your Instagram profile and state your role with us in your Instagram BIO.
  • Network with family & friends in their social circles to promote the brand and get all the support – Get them to follow us on social media!
  • Hosting monthly giveaways on your social media platforms for SIRN products and merch.
  • Attending SIRIN events and parties.
  • Participating in exclusive SIRIN content photoshoots.
  • Coming up with creative ways and ideas to engage followers with SIRIN and establish brand awareness.
  • Promoting SIRIN on and off social media.


  • Monthly product allotment for personal consumption.
  • SIRIN merchandise and exclusive pass for you and your friends to SIRIN events and parties.
  • Mentorship opportunities with SIRIN leadership team and potential job opportunities post-graduation.

Job Application Form

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