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Distilled and bottled in the Canadian Prairies, SIRIN Vodka delivers an ultra-rich taste you won’t find anywhere else.

Made with charcoal-filtered water extracted from Canada’s interglacial aquifers and distilled 7 times to give you a pure, smooth, refreshing experience.

Quick Facts

  • Distilled and bottled in Saskatchewan.
  • Made with charcoaled-filter water extracted from Canada’s interglacial aquifers.
  • Distilled 7 times to give a pure, smooth, refreshing experience.


  • 50mL
  • 375mL
  • 1L
  • 1.75L


The ways to enjoy SIRIN Vodka are countless. Enjoy with your friends, or alone. Mix it up or drink it straight. Add water, juice, lime or have it on the rocks. The possibilities are endless when you have One Superb Smooth Vodka.

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